Dialect Features Researched to Date

Perfective “done”
Leveled “was”
Demonstrative “them”
“For-to” infinitive
Alveolar “-ing”
Consonant cluster reduction
Vowel mergers for low-back and front-lax
Pleonastic pronouns
Quotative “like”

Research Resources Produced by Dr. Hazen

Hazen, Methodology for a Rapidly Reconfigured Variable, ISLE 2, PDF of e-slides: Methodology for a Variable

Hazen, Methods 14, Transitioning from Old School Variationist Methodology to What?, PDF of e-slides: Old School Methods

Hazen, University of Kentucky, Something Old & Something New. PDF of e-slides: Dialect Features in WV

Hazen, NWAV 40, A Rapidly Reconfigured Variable. PDF of e-slides: Quotatives in West Virginia

Hazen & Dodsworth, LSA 2012, Going to L in Appalachia, PDF of e-slides: Going to L in Appalachia