What Happens to the Interviews

  • We keep the recordings safe, secure, and anonymous in our lab at WVU.
  • We review the recordings to learn more about the community.
  • We listen to find language patterns in the speech of the community.
  • Our findings help us conduct academic research and provide language lessons to local schools and community groups.

The audio-recorded interviews are crucial to the work of the WVDP for two reasons.

First, we learn what language patterns are at work in the speech of the community by listening to the recordings. We build what we know into language lessons for local schools. Sometimes we present these lessons in schools ourselves, and sometimes local teachers adopt our lessons. These educational opportunities are an important way for the WVDP to give back to the Mountain State.

Second, our surveys of local speech provide us with data for our scientific research on language variation and change. We present our findings in national and international venues to audiences with great interest in West Virginia dialects.

West Virginia is a treasure trove for dialect researchers, and scholars are always interested to hear about the latest research.