Dr. Kirk Hazen

Kirk Head Shot

Kirk Hazen,
Director of the WVDP

As Professor in the Department of English at West Virginia University, Kirk Hazen researches language variation in American English, primarily writing about Southern varieties and English in Appalachia. He promotes sociolinguistic goals by presenting dialect diversity programs to numerous communities, including future health professionals, social workers, and service organizations. Professor Hazen also consults with legal counsel as an expert witness for contracts and defamation cases.



Journal Articles

  • Forging third-wave dialectology. 2015. Dialectologia 15: 65-81.
  • A new role for an ancient variable in Appalachia: Paradigm leveling and standardization in West Virginia. 2014. Language Variation and Change 26.1: 77-102.
  • Strengthening student understanding of mathematical language through verbal and written representations of the intermediate value theorem. 2014. Coauthored with Vicki Sealey and Jessica M. Deshler. PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies 24.2: 175-190.
  • Flying high above the social radar: Coronal stop deletion in modern Appalachia. 2011. Language Variation and Change 23.1: 105-137.

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